The lists of projects completed by F&R keeps rising

F&R Construction, a leading company in the construction industry in Puerto Rico, today announced the delivery of two new projects to add to its impressive list of important works that mark the development of the Island.

“We are pleased to announce today the delivery of two major projects within our portfolio of new construction. The first is the Hotel Las Cascadas in Aguadilla and the second is the San Isidro Vocational High School in Canóvanas, ” said Eng. Angel Antonio Fullana, company President. The new Hotel Las Cascadas in Aguadilla, is a modern facility consisting of eight levels of 17,000 square feet of construction with 79 “Deluxe” rooms, of which 8 are called “Suite “, and another eight are fully equipped for guests with disabilities.  The luxury hotel also offers activity rooms, restaurants, a bar, a gym, administrative offices, to which are added at the last level, a fantastic pool with panoramic views and a cocktail lounge.

“We are confident that the new Hotel delivered to the Municipality of Aguadilla, not only adds hotel rooms to the inventory of the island, but helps the region improve its tourism and gastronomic offer for both the local public and for all tourists arriving at the Rafael Hernández airport, “said Eng. Angel Antonio Fullana. Meanwhile, with an investment of $20.2 million, the new San Isidro Vocational High School in Canóvanas serves students from 10th. to 12th. grade, offering academic courses, plus 8 vocational workshops. The educational complex consists of a two level building with regular classrooms, a community hall, another building dedicated specifically to vocational workshops, cafeteria with kitchen, a large outdoor patio, two gazebos, and a guardhouse. “We are also confident that the new San Isidro Vocational High School in Canóvanas will contribute positively to the Municipality. By serving new academic offerings to high school students, especially for those looking to develop in the vocational field. We are proud to have been part of both projects, and to be able to contribute to the development of Puerto Rico in two important areas such as Tourism and Education of our young people, especially at a time when the Island faces many fiscal and economic challenges.” said the President of F&R Construction.

Escuela Vocacional San Isidro FR Construction Company in Puerto Rico