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General Contracting

Since the beginning, F&R Construction’s path to success has been very clear. General Contracting is the backbone on which we have founded all of our other services.

That has helped us create and offer, for the benefit of our clients, a portfolio of services and opportunities, which have, in turn, allowed us to undertake any general contracting job, in any market, industry or location.

You see, our staff is fully learned in all applicable construction permits and regulations, as well as labor laws.

In fact, their professional abilities and expertise have also eased the way for them to develop innovative construction techniques, which have raised the bar in the industry.

Also, our solid track record of operations with government agencies, trade organizations and clients, attest to our standing and credentials, in the markets we serve.

On the other hand, our systems approach to organizing, scheduling, supplying, managing, monitoring projects and the integration of the latest technology, help us deliver construction on time, within budget and meeting the required quality standards.

All of these attributes, the very same which have given us the opportunity to write an important chapter in Puerto Rico’s construction history, we now present to you.

A brief walkthrough our portfolio, will convince you that we have the knowledge, the skills, team and experience to turn your dreams, plans or visions into groundbreaking landmarks.

Welcome to the future. You have arrived.


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