Bahía Plaza, San Juan

Roadmap to Success

At F&R Construction Group, Inc. we follow Ten Commandments to Success.

  • Our core values are the essence of this second-generation family-owned and operated general construction and management firm.
  • We firmly believe in maintaining high standards for the products and services offered by our organization.
  • We strongly believe in providing the client the best services, at the right moment without delay.
  • We stand for providing high levels of value for our clients and maintaining appropriate organizational resources.
  • We are fully convinced of the importance of accomplishing our objectives by producing striking results.

We wholeheartedly believe in caring for our clients, as well as our employees, by providing the best service and attention to their concerns, with great care towards protecting our environment.

  • We deeply believe in integrating our expertise to provide our clients with unsurpassed services. We recognize our accountability for the decisions and actions concerning grievances, debtors and other stakeholders
  • We foster teamwork and participation of our employees and we continually strive for higher communication throughout the corporation.
  • We insist on an honest and reliable image with our clients and within the industry, keeping excellent relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.
  • We look forward to actively pursue opportunities and aggressively respond to them.
  • We strongly encourage the development of new and innovative techniques and processes, always maintaining a safe working environment.