F&R Construction Group Builds on More Than 40 Years of Experience and Excellence

The following article is extracted from one published by MARIO BELAVAL DÍAZ on Feb 11 2016 in the Caribbean Businesses magazine.

One can read into F&R Construction Group’s 44 years of success as a leading construction, development and project management company with just a glimpse of Puerto Rico’s skylines. From schools to museums, residential high-rises, hotels and industrial facilities, F&R has been involved in the creation process of many significant projects that surpass the expectations of its clients and positively affects the quality of life of those who work, study, visit and live in Puerto Rico, as well as the local economy.

“The company has been driven by the simple and solid desire to work hard with honest and total commitment to our clients and their projects,” said Jaime Fullana Lefranc, PE, VP & partner at F&R, and a member of his family’s second generation in the company. “From zero to 100, we will provide everything for our clients, from plans and designs to delivering the projects on time and within budget.”

Isleta Marina FR Construction Puerto Rico

While the firm started as a general contracting company in 1972, F&R has expanded its services throughout the years to include areas such as design and build, project management, consultingbusiness development and sustainability. The firm has the flexibility and expert talent that can provide each service by itself or provide the full complement of services, according to clients’ needs.


There is no doubt that the construction industry has felt the pressure of the island’s difficult economic climate, but Fullana Lefranc said there is still work out there, all it takes is to identify the opportunities and provide the right service or mix of services that tend to clients’ needs regarding their projects.

“No project is too big or too small for us; they all have the same value and importance for the company,” said Fullana Lefranc, who has been with F&R for some 30 years and is a field specialist and one of the senior project managers at the firm. “Technology surely has had its benefits for the industry, but construction is still about putting one block on top of the other, about the quality and dedication of the workforce at all levels, offering the best service possible, and making each client’s project your own.”

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Santurce F&R Construction

Another source opportunity for the industry is investors who are coming to Puerto Rico under Acts 20 and 22 of 2012, many of whom, attracted by the slew of benefits that the laws represent, are either investing in new properties or revamping existing ones on the island.

“With more than 40 years in the industry, we thoroughly know the business and off er in one place all the services clients may need to make the projects of their dreams come true,” Fullana Lefranc said.