Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Santurce (Construction Solutions)

Our Partners in Construction Solutions

Enjoy your tour of our people. It is a true dream team.

A group composed of an all-embracing and distinct class of seasoned specialists, experts and creative professionals, in pre-construction and Construction Solutions, who will provide you with high-quality, innovative, construction management and general contracting assistance.


Angel Antonio Fullana Olivencia

Ángel Antonio Fullana Olivencia, PE
President and Founding Partner


Bachelor of Science, in Civil Engineering

University of Notre Dame

Ángel Antonio is the firm’s Senior Project Manager.

As such, he directs all Field Operations of the F&R Construction Group, Inc. and its affiliates. His major responsibilities include being directly responsible for all mayor negotiations with subcontractors, while, at the same time, overseeing all cost analysis, projections and timetables, for our clients.

He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Government Development Bank of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as an active member of the Professional College of Engineers and Land Surveyors of Puerto Rico and of the Club Náutico de San Juan.


Jose Miguel FullanaOlivencia

José Miguel Fullana Olivencia
Secretary and Founding Partner

Bachelor of Arts, in Building Construction,

Kansas State University

The younger of the three brothers and Founding Partners, José Miguel directs and supervises all F&R Construction Group, Inc. cost estimates “takeoffs” and pricing and, as such, has successfully directed the company’s responsibilities, in over $2.5 billion in construction projects. He is also in charge of all procurement and purchasing management operations for the firm and its affiliates.


Antonio Fullana Morales

Antonio Fullana Morales, BSCE
Vice-President and Partner

Bachelor of Science, in Civil Engineering

University of Miami, in Florida

Antonio, another of the second generation partners, is also one of our most accomplished Project Managers. He joined F&R Construction Group, Inc. in 1996. He has successfully completed more than a dozen major projects, while, at the same time, managing them, simultaneously.

Among the many important projects he has supervised, are the Arecibo Coliseum, the Tropical Courts Condominium and Parque de las Flores residential developments. As Project Manager he has also successfully delivered various high profile assignments, such as the Pediatric Hospital at the Medical Center (“Centro Médico”), Plaza del Prado and the Oceánica luxury condominium.


Néstor Amador Chacón

Néstor Amador Chacón, Esq.
Executive Vice-President and Partner

Master’s Degree in Tax Law

University of Miami, in Florida

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Juris Doctor in Law

University of Puerto Rico

In 2000, Nestor joined F&R Construction Group, Inc. as Comptroller.

His dynamism  and expertise have been a key factor in the organization. He was promoted to Executive Vice President of F&R in 2008.

In that capacity, he oversees all financial matters, including loans for the firm’s Development Department and lines of credit, for the construction operation. He is the Asset Manager of F&R Construction Group, Inc. and its affiliates.


José Miguel Ito Fullana Morales

José Miguel “Ito” Fullana Morales
Chief Estimator and Partner

Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, Summa cum Laude

Polytechnic University, Puerto Rico

José Miguel, the third of the second generation partners, joined F&R in 1994.

He has been in charge of estimating a number of completed projects, totaling over $2 billion.

One of his most significant accomplishments was the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art computerized cost estimating, cost control and project monitoring system for the firm.

He is also in charge of the company’s telecommunication business.


Manuel Jaime Fullana Morales

Manuel Jaime Fullana Morales, PE, PSP, CEPSC
Treasurer and Partner

Bachelor of Science, in Civil Engineering

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York

Master of Engineering

University of Florida, Gainesville

Manuel Jaime, the fourth of the second generation of partners, is the youngest of the Fullana family members, active in the company.

As a Project Manager for the Firm, he is in charge of Compliance, Scheduling and supervising the Alternative Energy Division. He has been working with F&R since 1998.

During his career with F&R Construction Group, Inc., and as project superintendent, Manuel has been, actively involved with undertakings, such as Los Montes development, Las Veredas Recreation Facilities, and the Mar y Mar Condominium.

Manuel is the current Vice President for the local AACEi chapter, and one of only three currently certified PSPs in Puerto Rico. He is also an active member of the Professional College of Engineers and Land Surveyors of Puerto Rico and is certified under OSHA’s 30 hour training program.

He is also the SWPPP Compliance Manager for the company, overseeing EPA’s storm water pollution compliance requirements, on different construction sites. Manuel has also been involved in the design, development, and construction of photovoltaic projects, ranging from small residential installations, to a 120 KW operating system, installed at a local office building, to a 980 KW photovoltaic system, currently being developed and expected to be completed by the end of the year.